Sunday, December 12, 2010

what's keith LOVING FOREVER?

Are you a person of color and are you looking for a TRUE bronzer?  Well, look no further.  Covergirl's Queen Collection Natural Hue Bronzer is perfect.  It has a mineral-enriched formula that pampers skin and controls oil, for a sun-kissed glow without the shine.  It's a staple in my makeup collection.  I remember when I first purchased this item almost two years ago.  At first, I hated it.  I thought it came across very muddy, almost as if I were applying dirt to my face.  However, that is because I was applying too much at a time.  A little goes a long way and you have to slowly build the bronzer for the desired flush of color you are seeking.  I use the shade in Ebony Bronze which is the shade at the top of the picture.  I apply it using ELF's Studio complexion brush. 

What else can I say about this must-have?  I know for my skin of color that it is hard finding a bronzer that truly emulates the tan and glow of my chocolate skin.  Most bronzers for my skin tone simply highlight rather than showcasing a flush of tan on my skin.  This bronzer offers that flush of tan that I long for.  Miss Latifah gets not one, but two cookies from me for this product. 

Now, the only negative about this product would be the packaging.  I think the packaging looks cheap.   It's just your standard run of the mill plastic compact.  Can we get a case that's somewhat modern and half decent to look at?  A mirror would help as well.  Covergirl needs to complete an overhaul and produce a compact that looks half as good as the quality of the product.  In fact, I'm not a huge fan of the Queen Collection packaging in general.

What else do I own from the Queen Collection?

I also own the Natural Hue Minerals pressed powder in Light Bronze 2.  Again, the packaging sucks.  Although, the product is pretty decent.  And let's not even get on the sponge that is included in the compact.  It is a hot mess and nonfunctional. 
Anyways, let's move on.  The powder does a great job at controlling shine and evening out my skin tone.  Using a big fluffy brush, I apply it either alone or as a setting powder for my liquid and cream foundations.  And the golden undertone of this powder perfectly matches my skin tone.  The only negative about this product, besides the packaging, would be that it easily transfers.  It comes off on my clothes.  So, I would say a great makeup setting or fixing spray would be useful in conjunction with this product.  I would definitely repurchase this item. 

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Coverboy!

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