Thursday, December 30, 2010


In the words of Neffeteria, are you serious?  I have never heard a song so ratchet.  But to be honest, I think Ray Jr. might have a hit record on his hands.  It's very catchy and I hate to say it, but I'm actually impressed.  Maybe I should have been playing this song while Kenny was fucking me. 

Don't cum in me, Don't cum in me.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

what's keith READING?

Today, much like everyday, I was taking a look at MEDIATAKEOUT and came across a post that really touched my heart.  So, I thought I would share it with you.

As you all know, I've been down this road before. My scenario didn't play out much like this young lady's, however I was lied to and deceived more than once.  While I haven't officially tested positive for the virus, I feel like I've experienced all of the symptoms.  In closing, I just want to say that no one cares for you more than you.  So remember that and take care of yourself.  Don't become a statistic.

Monday, December 27, 2010

how was keith's CHRISTMAS?

Honestly, this has got to be hands down the worst Christmas of my entire life.  Where do I begin?  My brother is headed back to Atlanta as we speak.  It was good to see him again, although I'm so happy his dirty-ass is gone.  He was really working my nerves. 

This holiday weekend has been nothing but drama.  The whole family got into a heated argument on Christmas Day of all days.  I'll spare you all the details only because I really don't feel like going there right now.  Just know that in the heat of the argument, my mother called me a faggot and a bitch.  Yeah, nothing new.  Also, the Christmas gift I received from my family was whack.  I'm truly grateful, however I wouldn't be keeping it real if I didn't clock the tea.  I received two pair of Ralph Lauren socks and twenty-five dollars in cash.   Now granted, I'm broke and unemployed so I wasn't really able to get my family a Christmas gift, however both my mother and brother have full-time jobs.  They could have gotten me a better gift than that.  And the sad part of it is that it looks like they gave me whatever change they had left in their pocket.  Almost like my gift was a last-minute idea.  Sometimes I really don't feel loved.  In addition,  I called Kenny on Christmas morning.  We spoke for a full five minutes and you all know it's been some time since I've spoken more than a few words to Kenny over the phone.  The thing is that he neglected to thank me for the gift I got him.  Now, I'm sure the reason he didn't mention the gift card was because he hasn't checked his post office box in a while.  I'm still a little pissed off, nonetheless. 

I am so tired of Twenty-Ten.  This year has been a major disappointment. Sometimes I don't know whether to scream or to cry.  I'm praying that this new year is much better.  I'm beginning to give up all hope.  It's been raining cats and dogs for over a year now and I don't see any sunshine in the forecast, if you know what I mean. 

what's keith LISTENING TO?

"I wish we never did it.  And I wish we never loved it. 
And I wish I never fell so deep in love with you and now it aint no way we can be friends." 

Can't Be Friends by Trey Songz

Sunday, December 26, 2010

what's keith LISTENING TO?

Was I really BRAINWASHED by Kenny?  He told me he was ride or die, but I guess he really isn't as gangsta as I thought he was.  I thought loyalty was the code of the streets?

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Words of Wisdom

"We already are what we are and what we are is Beautiful.....
Strong Enough, Good Enough, Bright Enough."
What You Are by Jewel

Friday, December 24, 2010

what's keith WATCHING?

Question.  Who the fuck is K. Michelle's stylist?  Let me back up a minute.  I do love the song.  I've literally listened to it over a hundred times.  However, I'm disappointed at the fact that she looks a hot mess in this wack-ass music video.  In the studio scene, her outfit has no idea what it wants to do.  Now, I will say that the individual pieces she's wearing from the high heels to the jeweled vest are on point, but altogether it looks a clusterfuck mess.  And girl, I won't even get on her hair in that scene.  Her hair stylist needs to be put on blast for that two-toned fuckery.  Now, if she would have taken off those busy leggings, put on some dark rinsed jeans to camouflage her wide hips, taken out those hoop earrings, instead replaced them with some studs, and did something half-decent with her hair, then she would have tens all across the board.  Instead, she gets straight nickels.  And another question.  Is she seriously wearing a body suit in the Cadillac scene?  Um, didn't we trash that trend three years ago?  She looks just as busted as Keyshia Cole and Alicia Keyes did when they made their debut.  Come on now, I could have done a better job with the styling as well as directing that cheap-ass video. Can we say EPIC FAIL? Girl, Boom Bye.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

what's keith DRIVING?

YAY!  I can officially drive a stick-shift.  I'm so excited even though I don't know why.  It's really not that big of a deal.  It just means that I can drive my mother's hooptie.  She won't let me anywhere near the steering wheal of her Benz.  On to other news, my brother is home for the holidays.  He'll be here until Monday.  It's really good to see him.  I haven't seen him in about a year.  I just learned today that he was arrested for drug possession.   I really didn't drill him on the situation so I really don't know when all of this happened or any of the major details, but it had to have happened earlier this year.  It was less than an ounce, so it's apparently no big deal, but I'm very shocked and appalled.  I can't believe my brother spent a week in jail.   I'm still proud of him though.  He works and goes to school full-time and I can't wait to do the same.   

what's keith WEARING?

My skin is drier than it has ever been.  I think its partly due to the acne medication that I've been using.  My acne seems to be subsiding, however I'm left with dry, flaky skin.  So, I've been on the hunt for a new moisturizing foundation and I think I've found it.  I introduce you to the new Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation. 
(Well, it's not that new.  It's been out for a few months now.  I'm just catching on.)
This foundation claims that it is ultra hydrating while offering 100% baby smooth perfection.  So what do I think?  I think it's pretty good.  I have no complaints.  Now, I don't think the foundation is ultra hydrating however it's not mattifying.  What I mean is that you still have to apply your daily moisturizer especially if you have dry skin much like yours truly.  I will agree that it gives a baby smooth perfection.  It leaves a dewy finish and offers medium to full coverage.  It's so light that you don't even feel it on your face.   I also have to say there's no need for a concealer with the use of this product.  I like to layer this foundation over my troubled spots to double as my concealer.   I use the darkest color this foundation offers which is 350 Caramel.  I must say that I love the packaging.  It comes with a sponge, however I prefer to use a foundation brush.  Once applied, I don't set it with powder, however, I do use a primer for lasting coverage.  Would I purchase this product again?  I have to say I would without hesitation.  It's my new favorite.  I also love the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, but we'll talk about that another time.